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We want to provide you with a high quality and convenient repair service for all your electronic devices

With over 10 years of experience in the customer service and the mobile phone industry

We are a:

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business, who also

just happen to repair,

buy and sell electronic devices.

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The Phone Ambulance are mobile device repair specialists.


We cover Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. We repair smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. From iPhones, Samsungs, Sony's, HTC's, Nokia's and more. 


Our technicians will repair your phone to the highest standard, you can book a call out service where we will come to you any time and place that suits you. We will come to your office, home, hotel or any location you choose and fix your phone in front of you in about 45mins while you carry on your day.

We fix broken screens, charging ports, buttons, power issues, software issues, speakers, water damage, and most all other problems. We are a family owned and operated business who have been in the mobile phone industry since 2000. We guarantee all of our replacement parts and provide a high level of customer experience, our services won’t be beat.


Convenience for our customers
We can do many repairs in as little as 30 minutes, you can drop it off in the shop or we can come out to you.

Fair Prices
Factory-grade repairs at prices that not even the manufacturers can beat.

No Headaches
We don’t just fix your device, we ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services.






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We can come to you

Our technicians will visit you wherever you want. We come to your office, home, hotel or any other location you choose, and fix your phone in front of you. It only takes about 40 minutes, and you can carry on your day - there's no need to stop what you're doing. If we can't fix it there and then, we will take it away and drop it back off to you repaired at you convenience.


We guarantee our work

We guarantee our work for 1 month because we only use the best quality parts, we give a no-fuss warranty on every repair we do.

Your data is safe 

Because your phone is repaired in front of you, you can be absolutely sure that the personal data on your phone stays secure. Unless of course the phone requires a reset to repair the phone, which we will then be able to backup all you important data for you.

Our technicians are the best in the business 

Our repairs are carried out to the highest standards and all our technicians are expert, highly-trained repair technicians who have undergone rigorous technical and background checks.

We don't charge until you are 100% happy 

The Phone Ambulance work on a "no fix, no fee" basis, where payment is only ever taken after the repair is completed and you're 100% happy. In the unlikely event our technicians can't fix your phone, you won't be asked to pay anything. (No Fix, No Fee excludes Water Damage repairs)

Our customers love us 

Our customers love the service we give. You can read what some of our customers have to say in our reviews.

We have repaired tens of thousands of phones 

We've been repairing mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more for years. Our experienced technicians have repaired thousands of phones just like yours, so we really know what we're doing.

We cover the whole of the UK 

Our repair service is available nationwide, meaning you get the fastest repairs no matter where you live with our optional postal service.

We're clear about pricing 

We let you know exactly what the cost will be before you book a repair. And if our engineers find another problem when they're with you, we'll let you know before any work is carried out.

We love to give great service

We're real people, and you can call us any time to speak to one of our experienced technicians for advice.


Corporate Repairs


Business Services

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We would highly recommend The Phone Ambulance. Their speedy and personal service is a credit to their business, and enables us to provide prompt timescales to our clients. The Phone Ambulance is skilled at repairing the full range of smart phones and tablets, including all Apple products.

Operations Manager, One of the largest B2B Telecoms and IT providers in the north east




We were very happy with service we received from The Phone Ambulance, we received quotes and advice for each broken item within a few days. Once the quotes were accepted, the repair service was completed promptly.

St Teresa's Catholic Primary School, Heaton




We have had various devices repaired by The Phone Ambulance including iPads. With a friendly and professional service, we would highly recommend them for all you electronics.

John Herron Jewellers, Blyth




The Phone Ambulance always provides us with a service of complete integrity and always goes the extra mile. Cannot recommend enough.

F. Southern, Blyth




Always a pleasure in dealing with The Phone Ambulance, they are our dedicated IT support now, very professional and friendly. Always there when you need.

My House, Heaton


Terms and conditions


The initial quote you receive is based on the information you provide us. It is possible that we discover additional faults whilst diagnosing your device. If this occurs you will be contacted via phone or email with further repair details and a new repair quote. All repairs we carry out have a minimum charge. This fee is not charged on top of your repair quote, this is to cover the costs of engineers’ time.


The minimum charges for the following items are:

·          Mobile phones - £10.00

·          iPod - £15.00

·          Laptop Screens - £25.00

·          PC Repairs - £25.00

·          Game Consoles - £30.00

·          iPad - £30.00

We reserve the right to waive the minimum charge fee if you permit us to use your device for spare parts should your device become B.E.R (beyond economical repair).


Turnaround Time:

Repairs at The Phone Ambulance generally take 24-48 hours from the day they arrive. This does not include delivery times. We will try our utmost to hit this target but cannot guarantee this as complications with repairs are common occurrences.



If you feel like you have experienced a bad service and you are wanting to write a bad review, please call us first to allow us the opportunity to help with your issue, as the majority of our bad reviews are due to easily resolvable issues.



Items that come in for diagnosis will be diagnosed on arrival; if the price of the repair falls below £10.00 the technicians will automatically repair the item. Non-repairable items will be returned for a non-repairable fee from £10.00 - £30.00 depending on item.


Collection & Delivery:

We pick up the devices from the address of your choice if and when required for an additional fee from £5.00. Devices are returned using personally or Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery. Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right to return it via the method of our choice. When the delivery process is carried out via external courier service, we wish to inform that any discrepancy arising associated with delivering your product to us, will be dealt by us. In case of loss or damage to your product, we will file the claim on your behalf. As you understand that the claim process takes time and efforts. This does not usually happens, but in case it happens with your product please be at peace and co-operate as this is not something we have our control over it. We will file the claim and retrieve funds/product for you against the loss to fully cover you. After receiving the product is there is any repair required we will do that or maybe you will get a new product under claims. We would like to make it clear that from the money we get paid out on the claim, we will arrange a replacement item and we will still want you to make a payment of the repair it was originally coming in for before we send the replacement product or we can arrange to deduct it from the funds obtained and reissue a payment to you


Express Service:

If you wish to use the express service this comes with an extra charge of £15.00 and will take priority over the non-express repairs.

The following Terms & Conditions apply only to Express Service repairs:

1.     Express repairs are the top of our priorities but sometimes the repair cannot be done on the same day if a specialist part is required where it has to be ordered and this can slow the repair down.

2.     We try to dispatch Express Service items on the same day if payment is received by 3:00pm and the item is fully repaired.

3.     If your item cannot be fixed within 96 business hours of your device arriving at our repair centre, the Express Service charge of £15.00 will be waived.

4.     We cannot be held accountable for delays caused by Royal Mail or any other courier but, if an item has not been posted when it should have been we will investigate and resolve urgently.

5.     If you send in your device with a pass code/lock and do not remove it or inform us of it during the booking process then this may be delayed as we cannot run tests to ensure the device is completely repaired

6.     The Express Service is only available if the parts are available in store on arrival of your item, and of course if there are no additional complications. You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit towards the part(s) ordered.



The carriage postage fee is up to £19.99 both ways £9.99 one way. Items can only be posted in the UK mainland only, if worldwide is required please call for a quote on postage as prices vary. If item is damaged on receiving please keep all packaging, as this is used for damage inspection. We cannot put through a claim on your behalf if packaging is destroyed.


RTB Warranty:

The RTB Warranty which means “Return to base” warranty covers a faulty part that may become unresponsive or faulty and must be an item we have used. We will replace/fix any item that becomes defective in the 30 days of receiving the fixed item.


Repair Warranty:

When we carry out a successful repair we offer a 1 month warranty unless written agreement stating otherwise, Water damaged items have NO WARRANTY with them but if within 24 hours a fault occurs please contact us and we will happily assist you within the 24 hour period and this applies for any repair. If your device does become faulty in the warranty period you can bring or send the item back along with your Ref number and a cover letter stating the issue, if posted, for the re-repair. We are not liable for your costs to return the unit to us. If the problem is something we fixed then we will repair the item for free of charge under the RTB warranty. If the unit has further problems not related to the original repair then we will contact you with a price and let you make a decision. Once we have repaired your item, if you then have the item looked at by another repair centre, your warranty is void. When doing a screen repair we only warranty the screen that we repaired, if any further problems occur to do with anything else we will be more than happy to help you but, extra costs will occur. For example if you take a car to be repaired at a garage for the brakes and then a week later the horn stops working how is the repair technician responsible for the horn if he repaired the breaks.


Unpaid repairs:

We will hold your item for a maximum of 30 days after it’s been repaired, deemed beyond economical repair or awaiting payment. We will contact you a minimum of 3 times. If no payment has been made within 30 days the item will be auctioned to recover the costs.


Water Damage Repairs:

When we repair water damaged phones we ensure they work but, quite often water damage can be temperamental and reappear either not long after repair or over a period of time therefore we DO NOT offer Warranty on water damage repairs simply because they are so temperamental and can sometimes never be repaired completely.


User data / Information:

We will do our best to make sure we retain any data on your device, we cannot be held responsible for lost data as we ask customers to make sure their item is backed up before sending and fully wiped to factory settings so we are not responsible for the loss of; Ringtones Photos & Videos Contacts Music. Also we advise you not to give us any of your SIM cards or memory cards as we are not responsible for loss or damage of these items. We advise our customer not to give us their devices with any cases or original boxes such as an iPad case or a blackberry with original box just simply wrap in bubble wrap or something protective and follow the instructions given by the booking agent as we cannot be held responsible for any extra things the customer sends such as original packaging as we have our own packaging we send items in.



We can process payments by either cash, PayPal or bank transfer. Once payment has been received we will pack your item and aim to send it out by the same day of payment if before 2pm. We do also accept Cheques but require 7 days for the funds to clear then the item will be sent. Mistakes in bills, receipts or payments. We aim to correct any mistakes in bills, receipts or payments as soon as possible, with a maximum wait of 30 days. Unless previously agreed in advance, there will be a 2 week limit to pay your outstanding balance, if payment is not received in this time, there will be a late fee/handling charge of £5.00 per week. After 3 months of this, the item will be sold to the value of our incurred costs.


Late Payments:

Unless previously agreed in advance, there will be a 2 week limit to pay your outstanding balance, if payment is not received in this time, there will be a late fee/handling charge of £5.00 per week. After 3 months of this, the item will be sold to the value of our incurred costs. Data Loss: We strongly urge you to please backup your data from your gadget. We will not be responsible for any data loss during the repair of the products, and any loss of device will be replaced by a like to like device. Mistakes in bills, receipts or payments. We aim to correct any mistakes in bills, receipts or payments as soon as possible, with a maximum wait of 30 days.



If there is a problem with a repair following its return customers who wish to request a refund must send their item back to The Phone Ambulance under the warranty agreement to be inspected, You will only be issued with a refund once there item has been classed as beyond economical repair by our technicians, Customers will also need to take into account their refunds may not be equivalent to that of which has already been paid for the repair first time.

Data/Device Loss:

We strongly urge you to please backup your data from your gadget. We will not be responsible for any data loss during the repair of the products, and any loss of device will be replaced by a like for like device. 


Data/Device Loss:

We strongly urge you to please backup your data from your gadget. We will not be responsible for any data loss during the repair of the products, and any loss of device will be replaced by a like for like device. 



To ensure satisfaction please email us allowing us enough time to receive your complaint, and from this process we have had a lot of satisfied customers. We acknowledge complaints within 5 working days. Then we advise you how long it will take to resolve a complaint. We will also keep you informed throughout the process.

Please note, this fee is not charged on top of you repair quote.


The Phone Ambulance

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